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Old Scottish Oat Scone Mix


  • Old Scottish Oat Scone Mix
  • Old Scottish Oat Scone Mix
  • Old Scottish Oat Scone Mix
  • Old Scottish Oat Scone Mix

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  • Description
  • Preparation
  • A unique, rustic oat experience that is rich, complex and satisfying. Great on its own or have it with jam. Make it plain or mix in chocolate, fruit, nuts and more. Not exactly a classic scone, but, wow, what a fabulous way to enjoy fresh-ground oats and spelt. You'll find this is a versatile baking mix, not only for any type of sweet scone, but it also serves well as a great base for bars, crumbles and more. See our recipe section for ideas. We've designed a super-easy prep method so it just takes a couple of minutes to get a batch in the oven. Also, you can make it up in advance then freeze them raw, so all you need to do is pop a few in the oven for 30 min or so and, voila!, instant artisan scones.

    Makes 8 large scones

    Our mixes are certified organic, made in our own dedicated workshop free of nuts, peanuts, dairy or animal products.

  • Ingredients

    Whole fresh stone ground spelt and oat kernels; organic cane sugar; non-GMO baking powder, salt • NUT- & PEANUT-FREE


    preheat to 425˚F • in small bowl: whisk together 1 egg with ½ cup heavy cream and 2 Tbsp milk • coarsely grate 1 stick VERY COLD butter (¼ lb) • in large bowl: use fork to mix package contents with cold butter • GENTLY fold in egg mixture • turn out to counter, pat into rectangle 1” thick; cut into triangles, place on cookie sheet; bake 13-18 min • SERVE WARM

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